Monday, April 14, 2014

Wet Morning

It stopped raining by the time we left for preschool, but the kids saw the puddles outside and were excited to wear their rain boots.

Tillie is wearing a Mini-Boden elephant applique tee I got at Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago.  Both kids think it's hilarious that the elephant is wearing socks and shoes.  We paired it with a crewcuts denim mini and star leggings.  She got a hole in the leggings last time she wore them, which annoys me a little because she was playing in the living room.  I still have no idea how she did it.  Her Cherokee wellies are from Target and her Gap rain coat is from a garage sale.  (This one is size 5, she had the same coat in size 2 as well.  It's great because it's lined in fleece.)

Ted is wearing Hatley wellies and a rain coat that I bought for him on a facebook group a year ago.  His jeans are Gap and his shirt is Mini-Boden(from ThredUp.)

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