Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Fruit Matching

Tillie's wearing another $5 H&M dress today.  They're perfect for summer -- light, easy to wear, and cheap!  She can play in the yard and I don't worry about it getting ruined when she's playing in the dirt.  She chose the Dreamspun bow and yellow Salt-Water sandals.  I probably would have gone red sandals, but I think I like this way better!

Since Tillie was wearing strawberries, of course Bea needed to as well.  I mean, we have multiple strawberry outfits that were Tillie's, so we might as well do it up.  This is a Carter's romper with a Dear Grace & Parker bow.  (With the headbands, I just put them on for pictures or sometimes when we go out.)

We couldn't totally leave Teddy out, so we coordinated him in some red.  His crewcuts plaid shorts and Mini-Boden tee aren't a perfect match, but they do look better together in real life.  He chose the fire truck boots.

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Melanie Somnitz said...

I love love the H&M dresses. I buy 4-5 each summer and my daughter wears them till the fall apart.
*Thanks for stopping by Sunshine Praises