Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Yikes!  The last week of summer!  And it kind of feels like summer is over since Tim has students tomorrow.  I'm glad that Tillie doesn't start until after Labor day this year.  I guess I better break out all the summery-summer outfits I can this week!

Bea is wearing a Ralph Lauren dress that was a gift from my friend Amy.  It's even prettier in person.

Ted-Ted is wearing his Matilda Jane/Mighty Acorns Little Os overalls.  I don't love it with the white H&M shirt under it, but I didn't think it would work without a shirt for church.  I used safety pins on the straps this time since I had to re-button them every 5 minutes last time he wore them.

I bought Tillie this Tea Collection dress at Once Upon a Child's $1 sale 2 years ago.  It's a size 3, but runs super-wide.  This is the first year that it fits in that regard.  It's now a little short, but I don't mind short lengths.  There are pink stitched stars on it that are hard to see.  It's prettier in person, but I just don't "love" it.  But, when you find Tea for $1 you buy it.

Also, she's 5 going on 15 in this picture.