Friday, August 15, 2014


My brother gave the kids a family pass to the zoo for their birthdays and we surprised them with using it this morning.  The weather is decidedly weird, as everyone was wearing jeans and long sleeves IN AUGUST.  It warmed up a bit by this afternoon, but still, so weird.  I don't have a good feeling about this winter.

Bea is wearing a Naartjie outfit I bought when we were in Chicago two weeks ago.  It's darling on her, but it's hard to get a great picture of it.

Teddy's wearing a Tea Collection tee I got at Snapdragon's tent sale in July.  I like that it's a different style from all his crewcuts tees.  His jeans are Gap and his shoes are Converse.

Tillie's wearing a DreamSpun halter with a crewcuts cardigan and Gap skinny jeans.  Her TOMS are a perfect match to the flower on her top!

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