Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ArtPrize Afternoon

After I picked Tillie up from school we went downtown to see some more ArtPrize.  Teddy's birthday party is this weekend and it looks like rain later this week so I didn't know if we'd make it down before next week.

Tillie's wearing a Gap Seaside(I think) dress with coordinating leggings.  I bought it super-cheap last spring.  Her Circo cat shoes go with a surprising amount of her wardrobe this fall.  Her ginormous bow is Dreamspun.  I was going to add the crewcuts beaded necklace she wore on picture day, but I forgot it at home.

One of the reasons I wanted Tillie to wear her ginormous bow was that I bought Bea this Gap Dorchester top (NWT) at Once Upon a Child and it came with a bow.  A HUGE bow.  I tried to have her wear it, but it's too big, even for me.  So, I took one picture and then Beatrix spent the rest of ArtPrize bowless.

She was rocking her Gap skinny jeans and boots.

Here you get a preview of Teddy's birthday pictures outfit!  We got his haircut this morning so it's not hanging in his eyes anymore.  His jeans are Gap, button-up is crewcuts and tee is Mini-Boden.  Like most days, he's wearing TOMS.

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