Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creams and Browns

Today's clothes were centered on the fact that I wanted Teddy to wear this Janie & Jack button-up I found at Goodwill last week.  99 cents!  He's wearing it with crewcuts chinos and brown Cons.  He really needs some more size 7 shoes; these 6s were a bit tricky to get on.  Tillie is wearing a dress I got at a Polka Dot Pearl sale with a crewcuts cardigan and shoes.  The cardigan isn't my favorite with this dress, but it was the only one that worked color-wise.

Beatrix didn't have anything that coordinated awesomely with them, but I thought this Janie & Jack dress and Gap Country Cool bodysuit were  pretty good.  I think this will probably be the last time she can wear that camel 3-6m Dear Grace and Parker bow.  It's leaving a indent on her head now.  It was my favorite and looks so cute with these Gap Country Cool shoes!

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