Saturday, November 8, 2014

Coordinating For Everyone!

Last year I had crewcuts tees for Tillie and Teddy that were the same colors.  They both still fit, so I was happy for them to wear them again this year.  I was a little sad that Bea didn't have a matching shirt though.  Yesterday when I pulled the 9m clothes out of the attic I realized that Tillie had had some Carter's bodysuits that had some similar colors.

Teddy's wearing Gap jeans.  Tillie's wearing Cherokee cable-knit leggings and Circo boots.  Bea has Gap eyelet socks and Gap Country Cool shoes.

Bea and Tillie both are wearing Ralph Lauren jumpers.  I bought Tillie's for a few dollars at a garage sale a couple years ago and found a 9m one at Once Upon a Child's $1 sale this winter.

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