Sunday, November 16, 2014

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is one of my favorite Gap lines, ever.  It came out the fall when Tillie was a baby and I bought quite a few pieces for her to wear the next fall.  Over the years I've picked up more of it whenever I found it second hand.

Tillie's wearing a Copper Mountain sherpa pullover and buffalo check skirt.  She's also wearing her Gap apple boots and cable knee socks.  Her bow is Dreampsun  Teddy's wearing a Copper Mountain tee over his Okaïdi button-up and red Gap skinny jeans.  His brown boots don't have a brand, but my sister bought them for him.

I know I'll be able to get another year out of Teddy's shirt, but I'm hopeful Tillie's skirt will still fit as well, because Bea will have some coordinating things as well!  Oh, coordinating makes me so happy.

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