Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stripey Sisters

Today Beatrix is wearing the dress (Gap Boho) Tillie wore on her first Thanksgiving.  I never got a picture of Tillie in it and she only wore it that once.  It was from a garage sale and I didn't pay much for it.  My cousin made her little clippie - Little Sweet Pea Crochet.  We have 4 of them and they stay in her fine hair nicely.

Tillie's wearing a Gap Boho(Outlet version) outfit I bought at a garge sale this spring.  It's a 4 and kind of too small, but I remembered I had the dress for Bea so I bought it for them to coordinate anyway.  As soon as Tillie saw her outfit this morning she said, "OOH!  Bea and I kind of match today!"  I'm going to go with it while they still let me!  Her leggings are Cherokee and her boots are Circo.  The gold boots are not my favorite, but Tillie loves them.  And, they were 70% off last spring so at less than $5 they'll do.

Teddy's a brand mixing jackpot today.  His One Kid button-up and Janie & Jack vest are both from Goodwill.  His crewcuts cords I bought when I was still working there.  They're a 3, straight leg and way too big for my taste, but once he tried them on he wouldn't take them off.  He's wearing his brown Cons, but they're getting rather small so I didn't put socks on.  He needs new brown shoes, but I'm picky and cheap and haven't found anything yet.

And just because they're cute, here are the two littlest waiting for Tillie to finish Sunday School.

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