Sunday, December 21, 2014

4th Sunday of Advent

Look at these cute girls:
Tillie's wearing an outfit that fit last year and I loved it so much I checked to see if it still fit this year.  Win!  It does!  It's a Gap Lodge dress with a crewcuts ski cardigan.  She's wearing Target Fuggs and a DreamSpun bow.

Beatrix is wearing an Old Navy bodysuit and Gap St. Petersburg cord dress with Gap boots.  Both girls are wearing matching BabyLegs.

And my handsome Ted:
Teddy's wearing a Gap Desert Plains sweater(2012, but they make this style every year) with crewcuts cords and an Arizona button-up.  The cords are a 3 and too big, but he got a hole in his 2t chinos and I'm not buying another pair in that size!

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