Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day!

The kids have all worn their Christmas outfits quite a few times this season, but I was able to shake up Beatrix and Teddy's outfits a bit.

Teddy really wanted to wear his "doggy shirt that says off to Grandma's", but it was dirty and in the wash because he wore it on Christmas Eve.  I remembered I had this Jumping Beans moose shirt from my cousin and I dug in the 3t bin before church to find it.  He was very happy with it and thought it was hilarious that the moose was wearing a scarf.  We layered it over a Gap button-up and red skinny jeans.  He wanted his TOMS, but I think his camel boots would have been a cute match to the moose!

Beatrix wore an Old Navy dress with Trumpette tights.  I bought the tights when I was pregnant with Teddy because they were 70% off.  They never worked for him, but I'm glad I save them!  Unfortunately, I put them in a separate bin in November and forgot about them until this week.  I wish she would have gotten to wear them more!

Tillie wore her DreamSpun dress that has been well documented this month.  I'm hopeful that it will still fit her next year!

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