Friday, January 2, 2015


We went out for brunch this morning and I just wasn't feeling any of Bea's clothes.  (I know, shut up.)  I found this Gap Love Collection dress in her closet and decided to try it on even though it's 12-18m.  It's big, but it worked since she's tall.  I found it at Goodwill for a $1.  I couldn't believe it!  I wanted to buy it last year at Gap, but since she didn't need it I resisted.  (See Tim, I don't buy everything I want.)  Her leggings are Gap Galicia and her boots are Gap as well.  (I never did figure out what line they're from.  I bought them last winter.)  Her clip is Little Sweet Pea Crochet.  (Parentheses.)

Tillie's wearing a Lands' End chambray swing top I got at Once Upon a Child with H&M bird leggings and Circo fuggs.  Her clip is Little Sweet Pea Crochet.

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