Saturday, January 24, 2015


Navy is my favorite color for January.  It's kind of a pre-pre-spring thing and it's just a color I love.

Teddy's wearing a Mini-Boden snake tee, an Okaïdi short sleeved button-up, Gap jeans and navy TOMS.
 Tillie's in a crewcuts top I got on super-sale when I worked there because it had a stain on it. I soaked it and soaked it and finally got it out! I love this top. I've been putting it on her since she was 3.5. Jeans are Gap, and seem to be getting a little short. My mom bought her the TOMS last year, but after we took the picture she said they're uncomfortable. They're a 9, so they probably are too small. She wore silver cat ballet flats instead.

Beatrix is wearing a Gap Fall Field Guide body-double and Gap Greenhouse jeans.  Kind of a lot of polka dots, but Tim says a baby can't wear too many.

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