Sunday, March 15, 2015

50* Means Spring Clothes!

Sure, it was still 30* when we left for church, but the sun was out!  At least I haven't made them start posing for pictures outside.  Soon, though...

Teddy's wearing an Okaïdi button-up, crewcuts layering tee, Gap jeans(thrift store!) and navy TOMS.
This is the face he makes when you ask him to smile.

Beatrix is wearing a Janie & Jack Sweet Coral Reef dress($1 at OUAC) and Janie & Jack Tea Time cardigan(came with a swing top set from OUAC).  Her Circo shoes were Tillie's Easter shoes.  Her felt bow is a new design from Dear Grace and Parker that I clipped on a velvet headband.  

Tillie's outfit is a good example of how inexpensive pieces come together for a great looking outfit!  Her dress I bought yesterday at H&M for $5.  That's the regular price.  I bought the Boden "pretty cardigan" for $8 at a JBF sale last week.  (Here's a cute one for $10 at H&M.)  Her crewcuts necklace was a hand-me-down from my sister, but it's not hard to find inexpensive cute necklaces for girls.  Her Circo cat shoes I got on clearance last year for $5.  Silver shoes are awesome because they match so much!  Tillie picked out the yellow bow, since there are some yellow flowers on the dress.  I like that she picked that over pink or purple.  It's a little unexpected and really makes the outfit,  I think.

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