Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Kids

I bought this Gymboree Garden Friends set for $1 at Once Upon a Child.  I was hoping it would fit her all spring, but I think I can maybe get one more wear out of it before it's too small.  It wasn't quite warm enough for short sleeves today, so I added this 12-18m Janie & Jack cardigan that I pulled out of TEDDY'S CLOSET.  He wore it in January.  It is a little big on her, but not so big that she couldn't wear it.  It also was a little small on Teddy, but not so small he couldn't wear it.  Sheesh.

Tillie's wearing a Mini-Boden dress(Goodwill!) and Gap jeans.  Teddy's wearing a Circo vehicle tee(from Aunt Betsy!), Gap long-sleeved tee and Gap jeans.

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