Sunday, April 5, 2015


I love how my little trio's outfits came together this year.

They weren't thrilled to take pictures outside before church, but they still look adorable.  I bought Beatrix's outfit first, before she was born for $3.  It seemed perfect and Eastery, so I decided to find clothes for the others to coordinate. (Her shoes ans socks are what Tillie wore for her first Easter.)

Tillie's wearing an Eleanor Rose dress.  When they posted the sneak I thought it would be perfect because it has similar colors and a similar cut to Bea's dress.  I would have had her wear white flats, but she didn't have any and I didn't want to buy shoes to wear once, so Salt-Waters it is!

I took the girls' dresses with me to Carter's to pick out a shirt for Teddy.  I first had thought green, but it didn't match at all.  I picked this button-up because there are blue flowers on Beatrix's dress and the pink stripe in the shirt is the same as both of the dresses.  I bought the Urban Sunday suspenders half off at Horrock's after Christmas and he Gap chinos I picked up on clearance a year ago.  Teddy requested the hat at Carter's and I couldn't say no.  I'm really glad I got it.

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