Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring-y Sunshine!

The weather today was just lovely and we celebrated with some spring outfits.

Teddy adores this Gap tee.  Tillie decided to call it a "Bog" for Bunny-Dog.  Teddy just hops all over when he's wearing it.  I knew he'd be spending a lot of time outside, so I pulled out his jeans that already have a hole.  His 2t jeans are starting to get too short.

Tillie's wearing a Gap bird tee with Gap jeans and an Okaïdi cardigan.

Beatrix started out in her Gap Wayfarer top and cardigan, but by lunch she needed a new outfit.  I pulled out this Gap Gypsy body-double and jeans.  Her 6-12m jeans are getting too short.

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