Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Day 4

Today we went for a hike in Corolla, the most northern part of the Outer Banks with roads.  We hiked in the woods and actually saw wild horses!  It was the warmest day of the week.

Teddy wore his Camp acorn tee and Gap jeans like he did a week ago, but we added a Gap Galicia "Happy Camper" bib.  He'll be sporting a lot of this camping themed line this summer.

No-Nap Tillie was not as enamored by our trip in the woods.  I tried to get better pictures, but this is the one where you can see the outfit best.  It's also a pretty accurate depiction of how she spent a lot of vacation.  Next trip I will see to it that she takes naps instead of trying to get her to sleep in the car/stroller.  She's wearing a Lands' End ice cream tee, H&M layering tee, crewcuts skirt and Salt-Water sandals.

The blue tee and sandals are from last summer, the white layering tee and skirt are for this summer.  Spring Break is a great time to pull out favorites from last year that still fit!


Rebekah Muller said...

awe. poor tillie. it's hard to be happy without naps on vacation. it's hard on parents to stick to nap schedules when we want to get things done! I was glad I stayed in my parents condo this year rather than getting "booted" to the hotel (my brother and his family were there this year!). I made sure Charlotte got a nap every day and Asa even napped a couple days :)
ps. I think aqua/blue is such a great color for Tillie! - the blue is so great with her blond hair :)

Cohrs Compilations said...

I would like to "like" the above comment. And say Ditto on the naps. I think til lie looks so pretty in blue also, I'm glad your not afraid to dress her in it.

Amber Lynn said...

I'm drawn to blue for her often. It was harder for me to buy for her because it's not my favorite color, but it looks so good on her that I'm starting to like it more.

At home she's okay if she misses a nap once a week or so. We drove through the night on the way down and she stayed up for most of it. That coupled with a week of no naps was a recipe for disaster.

Although, it was kind of funny to hear her growl and say, "I gwumpy!" when I asked her what was wrong.