Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break Day 5

Today was a lazy day.  We went to a few shops around town and stayed close to "home" so that we could give Tillie her normal afternoon nap.  It helped, but she'll need a few more days to catch up on all the lost sleep.

Teddy wore his Crazy 8 tiger tee to celebrate the Tigers first game of the season.  He's wearing it with a blue Carter's bodysuit and Old Navy jeans.

Tillie wore a Gymboree Greek Isle Style tee and Old Navy knit capris.  The island tee just seemed to fit, even if we're not in Greece.

Teddy ended up wearing two outfits today.  His tiger tee got some peas on it.  I bought this Gymboree By The Seashore outfit for $1 when I was pregnant with him.  It probably won't fit this summer, but it's perfect for a vacation right now!  What's really fun is that I bought a bodysuit from this line when I was pregnant with Tillie.  It never fit her at the right time, but Teddy wore it one night on this trip.

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