Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Errands Day

We took this second 90+* day as a sign that we needed to run into town to use the air conditioning at Target.  Tillie wore a Ralph Lauren pique set that I got at a garage sale.  The little roll-up shorts are so cute, but I wish they had button tabs on both sides so that they would stay rolled up.  Tillie picked her strawberry Tevas to wear.  They're from a garage sale too.

The pique just seemed too heavy for 93*, so after a short swim and a nap Tillie changed into this H&M butterfly dress.  It's the same style as her blue one -- only $5!  She requested these sparkly Morgan and Milos.  I got them free at a garage sale!   My mom got her the Lands' End clip.
 I said to her, "Do you want braids, pigtails or a ponytail?  It's kind of hot for just a clip."  She replied, "I want a ponytail like you mom, but with a clip."

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Unknown said...

I have to admit the 2nd picture of Tillie I didn't think was Tillie. She looks so grown up in that picture, and I kept rereading your post to try to figure out who she was LOL. She has absolutely beautiful.