Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stargazer Pearl Remix

It's that time the summer where I don't have too many new outfits to show you so the blog gets a little slow.  Tillie's worn this Matilda Jane Stargazer Pearl dress many times.  It's getting a little too short to wear without anything under it so we normally add shorts or ruffle pants.  Today I decided to try something different.  I added her Circo tutu skirt for a couple extra inches in length.  I really like the way it looks.  This skirt is a 2t and she's been wearing it since 18-24m.  I wish I had bought it in a bigger size too because it's cuter and more pettiskirt-like than most skirts I've found.

We went across the street to the neighbor's yard today for a little change in scenery.

Today she accessorized with a My Little Pixies clip, crewcuts pearl necklace and Circo "sparkle shoes!".  Always the exclamation point when talking about sparkle shoes.  Tillie said this outfit was good for twirling.

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