Friday, December 14, 2012

New Shoes

I recently ordered each kiddo a new pair of shoes from a Facebook Co-op I'm part of.  I've never bought the brand Freycoo before, but I'd heard good things and the styles were pretty cute.  The color I originally wanted for Tillie was sold out, so I choose these orange ones instead.  Now that they're here, I really wish the red had been in stock.  Or, that I had bought the black.  The orange are just a little too orange and pearl-ish for me.  Tillie, however, loves them.  They run a little big and really wide.  They're really not the best shoes for my small, skinny footed kids.

Tillie's wearing hers with a Matilda Jane Sparkletown knot dress, H&M tee and Cherokee stocks.  I like the boots with the dress, but not with the black shirt.  I think it would have been cuter with her patent ballet flats, but I was too tired to figure that out in the morning.  Plus, Tillie wanted to wear the boots.  I also did not get a good picture, at all.  Sorry.  At least you've seen this dress before.

Teddy's black shoes came too!  Surprise, surprise, they're too big for this little guy.  He just has to wear them anyway because I need black shoes to go with some winter outfits.  Since he's not walking yet it's not too big of a deal.  He's also wearing a gingham shirt from The Children's Place, and H&M cardigan and Gap Naval Academy skinny jeans.

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