Monday, January 28, 2013

A Books on the Bed Day

We had a stay-at-home-snow-day today!  Tillie wore her Matilda Jane Bobbi Jo dress, Cherokee polka-dot layering tee and Gymboree Glamour Ballerina leggings.  The crewcuts necklace she added on her own.  Five minutes after she got dressed I found her wearing it.  She's good with color and that makes me happy.

I got the leggings a week ago with Gymbucks.  They're a great alternative to Matilda Jane leggings.  $5 is more my style lately.  I got them in white, baby pink and a salmonly pink that looks great with the Stargazer Pearl.  These are a size 5, so they should fit her for ages.  They're rolled at the waist once.  (It was the only size they had.

Teddy's wearing this great little striped Tea shirt with Old Navy jeans.

I bought this shirt from ThredUp, which is an online consignment store.  I bought this, a couple of Mini-Boden things and a Naartjie shirt.  When I got this shirt I noticed a small hole on the back of it.  They immediately sent me a refund, no questions asked!  The selection changes every day and there are tons of brands to choose from.  If you want to try it out this link will give you $10 off your first purchase!

And, one more picture.  They're just too cute.


Cohrs Compilations said...

great picture of the two of them smiling!

Amber Leugs said...

Those pictures make me so happy. We included one on my grandma's birthday card today!