Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Up On The Barn

This might be my new photo shoot spot until it's warm enough to go outside (and Teddy decides to start walking).  They both think it's pretty funny, so they're good sports about the photos.   In fact, as soon as I put Tillie up there Teddy started calling out "Cheese!" from his chair.

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts "Dance" tee and striped cardigan, H&M heart patch jeans and Gap Cherry shoes.  We're not going anywhere today, so I let her pick out spring shoes that aren't snow-friendly.

Teddy's wearing a Gap Cabana short-sleeved button-up under a Gap Naval Academy striped v-neck and Old Navy boot-cut jeans.  I wanted his See Kai Run shoes, but I couldn't find them.  (I did 1 minute afer this picture was taken, of course.)

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