Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Clothes

There's nothing special about these outfits today.  Both of their t-shirts are from Goodwill even!  Perfect for running to Camp, hanging at home and another Goodwill trip.

Teddy's wearing a Gap Gosford Park S'mores tee, Gap jeans and Robeez boots.  I'm sure you're all shocked I bought this tee.  Maybe it will still fit at Camp this summer.

Tillie's wearing a random American Apparel 'Mm' tee.  It's a 4, so she'll be able to wear it for a while.  This, however, is not a shirt I'll be able to pass down to another daughter.  (Maybe it will fit their friend Mabel when Tillie's done with it!)  She has it layered over a Cherokee tee.  She also picked out a navy crewcuts skirt and rainbow BabyLegs.

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