Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Buckets

I decided to have a new tradition this year with "Spring Break Buckets".  I bought tin Easter buckets last year after Easter and I have them setting on the kitchen table every morning of Spring Break with a little treat in them.  Today they found a coloring book(Target Dollar Spot) and a t-shirt(pulled from their bins of clothes they haven't worn).

Tillie got a new crewcuts gardeining tee.  She's also wearing her chambray ruffle skirt, Old Navy white layering tank and new yellow Salt-Water sandals.    Yeah, I know it was only 50* today.  When we ran errands she put on leggings and TOMS, but she was excited for the new sandals(Amazon using Discover cashback bonus).  As soon as I put them on she said, "Mom, you can take my picture at the beach with a pail and shovel and these sandals.  It will be beautiful."  No, I don't know where she gets it.  Certainly not me.
Also of note, my sister Kizie got matching yellow sandals this year.  I'm jealous.  At least I have red ones!

Teddy's wearing his new Gap JunkFood tee.  It's size 12-18m and is huge.  He'll be able to wear it this summer at Camp for sure.  I know I don't usually go for licensed shirts, but for some reason I'm okay with the JunkFood line for boys.  Plus, I got this super-cheap last fall and it says "Camp".  It was hard to resist.  All of his pants were in the wash, so I pulled a pair of 18-24m Old Navy jeans out of his bin.  They don't have adjustable waist and are too big.  Surprise, surprise.  I wanted to add a bodysuit for some extra layering, but all the plain white ones were also in the wash.  I found this Gap Outlet polo bodysuit in his 12-18m spring clothes.  I got it for $1 at a garge sale.  I don't really love this outfit, but I think it's because the pants and tee are too big.  It's not the kind of look I go for.  We'll try it again in 4 months.  Maybe then it will work.

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