Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploring the Flood

I took the kids downtown today to check out the Grand River flooding.  I really should go more often, they LOVE it there.  They were happy as can be to walk along the river, pop into a few shops and just enjoy the change in scenery.

 Teddy wore Genuine Kids jeans, Carter's bodysuit and his Carter's Dino tee Tillie wore last month.  It's been washed and dried now so it's a touch smaller.  It's still amazing to me that she could wear it comfortably.

Tillie wore a Gap Woodstock tee(perfect for Earth Day!), crewcuts jeggings and cardigan.

It was a lovely day, over 60*.  I'm still not used to dressing in warmer weather since it's been winter for so long.  Tillie (and Teddy, he started out with one too) eagerly shed their cardigans once they felt the sun shine.

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