Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Our bathroom is currently sink-less because of a simple reno project so I took the kids on some errands today to get out of my husband's way.

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts ivory tissue tee under a pink Gap slipdress under the Matilda Jane Stargazer Pearl.  Layers are key when she wants to wear spring dresses and it's still only 40* outside.  This size 2 Pearl is getting a little short for my tall girl, but since it's a wide swingy fit it still works great as a tunic.  Adding a dress underneath gives it life as a dress again!

Teddy's wearing new Cherokee skinny jeans (24m with adjustable waist!  They should fit for a while.  Hopefully he keeps up the good walking skills so he doesn't wear a hole in the knee of these too!), a Teddy Lu button-up and a yellow gingham Target $1 Spot tie.  It was half off after Easter.  How could I resist!

Urban Baby Bonnets asked on their facebook page for photo submissions for their blog.  I didn't have a recent picture of them in their hats together, so I changed their clothes after lunch and we headed outside.  I just switched out Teddy's tie for another one I bough that was more orangey-red.  Tillie's wear a "cool girl" outfit with a crewcuts tee and cardigan and Gap Mojave "boyfriend" jeans.

Teddy's wearing his modCap and Tillie's wearing her solBonnet.  I won Teddy's hat because I named the modCap!  Tillie's solBonnet we were product testers for.  Teddy's almost outgrowing this size medium.  I can't decide which pattern to get in size large!

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