Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inconsistent Sizing - Boys Clothes

I brought this up a few days ago, but I decided to do a little photo shoot to prove my point.  We'll see if it's actually noticeable or not.  (Part of me has the feeling that it might work better in 18-24m or 2t.)  My little guy is currently around 23ish lbs and 31ish" tall.  (To my measuring.  He has a doctor's appointment in a week.)  So, he's not very big at 18 months.  All of the shirts he's wearing in these photos are size 12-18m/18m and have been washed and dried.  I've listed each company's size chart information as well.

First Impressions(Macy's) - 18m (29-31", 22-26lbs)
I really like the fit of this shirt.  The sleeves aren't actually as short as they look in this photo, he just wanted to "see" the monster.

babyGap - infant boy 12-18m (29-31" 22-27lbs)
This one is a body double and the fit is great.

Baby Boden  - 12-18m (30-32.5", 22-26.5lbs)
In my experience, all Mini-Boden runs a little big.  They always seem to wear a size smaller than tagged.  Teddy's still comfortably wearing 6-12m Boden shirts.  (This isn't just boys though, Tillie's still wearing 2-3y Boden as well.)  I think this shirt is too long in length and the sleeves are a touch long as well.

Carter's - 18m (30.5 – 32.5", 24.5 – 27.5 lbs)
Carter's size chart is slightly different from the other brands so far, but not ridiculously so.  Teddy doesn't have many 18-24m shirts for summer, so I picked this up at Kohl's with a coupon a couple weeks ago.  The 24m were so large that I knew they would be HUGE this summer.  As Tillie was able to wear this 18m no problem I'm confident Teddy will be able to wear this until the weather cools again.  Right now, it's a little long for my taste.

Gymboree - 12-18m (29-31", 22-27lbs)
This shirt is HUGE.  I think the fit is more what I would consider 2t.  Maybe he'll be able to wear it in the fall but the phrase makes more sense on a littler guy. *sigh*

babyGap - toddler boy 12-18m (29-31" 22-27lbs)
Interestingly enough, Gap lists the same size chart for Toddler as they do for Infant.  However, I think the Toddler runs a little bigger overall.

Zara - 12-18m (32", 24lbs)
Zara uses European sizing, so the size chart I've listed are the English equivalent.  This is a bit bigger than I would like, but that is a little consistent with the size chart.

Tea - 12-18m (29-31", 22-27lbs")
I love the fit of this tee.  Tea Collection, if I recall, seems to run pretty true to size for Ted.

Looking back at all of these pictures I feel like it may be harder to see the differences.  In real life I can see where things are just hanging.  And, there is the fact that I like his clothes to be more fitted.  He's so small that when things are baggy they just look sloppy on him.  Thankfully fitted clothes are in style right now.

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Shannon Burns said...

OK I totally agree - sizing is crazy! I wash but line dry my kid's clothes. For my 5 YO son (38lbs, 42 inches), sleeves are my main concern. My son really fits a size 4 the best all around but I have a lot of 5s because well "I'm 5 I should wear a 5". I find Tea to run big (although small on my daughter), Gymboree is huge, ridiculously huge. A majority of his shirts are Gap or Mini Boden - the best are MB 4-5 and Gap 5T. The Kid Gap definitely runs bigger than the Toddler Gap. Love your blog!!