Friday, April 19, 2013

Winter, Again.

After yesterday's endless rain there was snow today.  I only wish I were kidding.  It didn't stick, but still.

Teddy's wearing a Gap Sun Valley raccoon body double I got at a garage sale yesterday.  His jeans are Gap and shoes are See Kai run.  There's a tail on the back of the shirt.  So cute.

Tillie is wearing a Ralph Lauren rugby dress and Gymboree ruffle leggings with TOMS.  She at least looked a little spring-y on this cold day.  The dress is from a garage sale over a year ago.  (I think it was under a $1.  I know.)  I was reluctant to join the TOMS bandwagon, but when I found these on facebook for $8 I figured it was worth a whirl.  What do you know, I love them!  They're easy for Tillie to put on and look good with most things she wears.  Plus, she loves them.  Now I really want gray or red ones for Teddy.

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