Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding Reception!

My cousin Michelle got married in South Carolina this past April.  Since some Michigan people weren't able to make it to the wedding(me!) they had a reception here today.

I had different outfits planned, but it all of a sudden was cool and rainy today.  I'm still happy with how it all turned out.  Although itt would have been better if I got a picture of them together since they each had parts of red, white and blue for Memorial Day!

Teddy's wearing his Peek button up with Gap Outlet linen pants.  I got the pants at a garage sale for $1 last week.  They're 18-24m and I was worried that they'd be ridiculous on him.  Not too bad!

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts dress and cardigan with her yellow Salt-Water sandals.  Kizie showed up wearing the same sandals, which they both thought was awesome.

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