Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nautical at the Zoo

Here was my [unimportant] conundrum of the day:
Zoo Trip = Animal Shirts.  July 3 = Red, White & Blue Week.

I decided that we have enough pictures of my kids in animal themed clothes at the zoo and it would be okay to rock some adorable nautical gear.

Teddy's wearing a Gap Cannes outfit layered over a Carter's bodysuit.  It warmed up, but it was a little cool this morning when we got there.  He's just starting to outgrow size 4 shoes, which is a bummer in the middle of the summer.  However, I remembered that we had brown Salt-Water surfers in size 5 stored in the attic.  Ted thought it was so great when I brought these out, "Shi-she shoe!  Shi-she shoe!"  They both think it's pretty cool that they match and I love that I don't have to scramble to find new sandals for him in the middle of the summer!
I love these anchor shorts so much.

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts tee (awesome employee sale) and denim cropped pants(Goodwill) with her Salt-Water sandals.  I'm pretty much jealous of these jeans.

I love how dorky and coordinated they are in their matching anchors and sandals.

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