Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chilly Morning

It warmed up by the time I picked Tillie up from preschool, but at drop-off Tillie insisted she needed a scarf and a coat.  I think my sister made her the green scarf.  The polka-dot fleece lined raincoat is from Gap.  She had it size 2t as well.  This one is a 5.  My mom bought the Gymboree Sweet Treats dress during the 50% off sale prices + 20% off coupon sale last year.  I almost had her bring it back because I knew it would be too wide on Tillie, but it was less than $3 so my mom said to keep it for Preschool.  A few weeks later I found matching socks(that look like they've never been worn) for 50¢ at the thrift store.  I think the socks are a size too big, but the dress should fit for another year yet anyway.  These are her new pink sparkle Morgan & Milo Woodstocks.  I miss the tan ones she wore last year.  They just went with everything.  These pink ones are an odd shade of pink that don't seem to match most of the pinks Tillie has.  C'est la vie.

Since Tillie was wearing a coat Teddy insisted on it as well.  His is from last year(12-18m, still fits...) from Gap.  I think I bought it when I was pregnant with him.  He's also wearing Gap jeans from a consignment store, Peek button-up from Nordstrom Rack and red TOMS from Zulily.

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