Monday, September 16, 2013

Picture Day!

Last night as Tim was putting Tillie to bed I all of a sudden remembered that today was picture day.  I hadn't bought the knee socks she needed for her outfit yet.  Thankfully, it was cool out, so she just wore some crewcuts tights instead.  Her dress is from Next.  They never have sales, but randomly had a 50% off everything sale this summer.  I couldn't resist making my first purchase.  Tillie approves of this dress because it doesn't have long sleeves.  Her boots are Cherokee.  I had been planning on doing a "crown braid" -- french braiding her "bangs" back, but we ran out of time this morning.  So, she's wearing a My Little Pretties clip instead.  She vetoed all the necklace options I gave her.

Teddy is wearing a Carter's "Boy Genius" raglan tee with Gap jeans and gray Converse.  Oh, it's such a sweet little boy outfit!

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