Monday, October 21, 2013

Cowgirl and Star Wars

Today Tillie's class took a field trip to the Critter Barn.  Of course Tillie wanted to wear her new Dreamspun cowgirl shirt.  Tillie did some modeling for them this summer and they posted that they hung up some of the new images in the store.  Of course we had to go see Tillie on the wall!  The vintage tees/tanks were on sale, and even cheaper if you bought two.  I'd been wanting some for Tillie, so it was perfect.  They do seem run a little small.  This one is a 4, but she does have another tank under it since it was suppose to be cold today.  (We took this picture in one take so we could quickly get her coat on!)  She's also wearing a crewcuts Caroline cardigan, Gap skinny jeans and Cherokee rain boots.  Her Goody hairclip is a duck, perfect for the occasion.  Of course, no one saw this outfit since we kept her coat tightly zipped the whole time we were there.

Teddy stayed home with grandma. At first she said he didn't want to change out of his cozy pajamas, but when he saw that I set out a Star Wars shirt he was eager to change.  His Crazy 8 paint splatter jeans were 25¢ at a mom2mom sale.  They didn't come from Crazy 8 with holes, but for a quarter they're great play pants.  (I bought them when he was still making holes in all the right knees of his pants.)

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