Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It appears that the weather has turned and we're in for some crappy indoor pictures for the next long while.  Boo.  I decided to try the throw them both in my chair backdrop, but neither of them wanted to cooperate.  They were ready to leave for Costco.

Tillie is wearing a Gap Playtime Favorites tee and leggings set I bought at Goodwill.  Yep, I found two matching pieces at Goodwill.  The top is a 5t, but it's not too big.  Since I hate the leggings as pants look I added a crewcuts skirt -- it's amazing how many outfits this skirt matches.  It's a 2 she's still rocking it.  I told her to put her cozy boots on and she came back with her dark brown Fuggs.  I guess the colors do match, but dark shoes on her just looks so weird to me.  (She has the Cherokee Fuggs in light and dark brown in size 8.  They're both from garage sales.)

Teddy's wearing Gymboree Teenie Weenie Puppies overalls from Goodwill.  The pocket on the overalls has a little stuffed puppy in it, which Teddy thinks is hilarious.  He's wearing a Cherokee bodysuit under them, which is a hand-me-down from Tillie.  His boots are Live and Luca.

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