Monday, October 14, 2013

Striped Sweaters and Apples

It's finally fall weather!  Teddy's wearing a Gap Naval Academy sweater from last year.  (12-18 months, people!)  The Gymboree shirt under the sweater is from the thrift store and it old enough to not be on Gymbohaven.  His jeans are Genuine Kids.  When he was walking into Tillie's school with his backpack on today he just looked so grown up!

It's Apple/Pumkpin/Leave week for Tillie at preschool, so we're rocking the outfit she wore to the apple orchard(Rhinestone Fun and Prep School) with a few changes.  Since it was pretty cool this morning we added a red crewcuts Caroline cardigan.  I recently discovered that she really needs to be wearing size 9, so she has her navy converse with crewcuts eyelet socks.  The pose was all on her own...

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