Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I wasn't too excited when Tillie's preschool calendar said to wear brown today.  As we looked in closet last night I'm really happy with the outfit we came up with!  She might wear it to a family dinner we have on Sunday!  She's wearing (a size 2, it runs HUGE) Matilda Jane Fawn dress, Hanna Andersson red leggings, Circo Fuggs, a Dreamspun necklace and a twine bow from a craft fair.  I bought the dress ages ago during a sale and it finally fits her well.  The Dreamspun necklace we just got to wear with her (garage sale!) Thanksgiving dress.  It should work with some of her Christmas dresses too.

Teddy's wearing Crazy 8 skinny jeans, Carter's rocket tee and Gap Military Prep cardigan.  You know how about a month ago I said I took all the 12-18m clothes out of his closet.  I missed a few.  This tee and cardigan are 12-18m.  At least the jeans are 18-24...even if they are girl jeans.  But, as you can see it all actually fits him well.

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