Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just Target

Tim and friends/family are re-roofing our back shop today.  I kind of wanted to go across town to Dreamspun, Village Kids and Nordstrom Rack, but then I realized it was Saturday and I was feeling lazy.  We drove 5 minutes to Target instead.  The kids are still wearing cute outfits to build with blocks at home.

Teddy's wearing a crewcuts sueded jersey half-zip over a gray Gap long sleeved polo.  His jeans are Genuine Kids and his TOMS are a nice pop of red.  Or "firetruck shoes" if you're Teddy.

Tillie's wearing the Matilda Jane Red Smart dress that she's worn a number of times before.  Today we tried it with a light blue Gymboree Cozy Cutie tee since there's some blue flowers in the bodice and the trim of the pockets.  I don't love it, but I do think it works.

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