Saturday, November 23, 2013


We've seen a few flakes already this year, but it seemed to far away from winter to break out the snowflake wear.  Today seemed like a good day to wear it.  We went to a craft fair and everything it starting to seem more festive.  The crewcuts snowflake tee is from an end of season sale when I was still working there.  I found the Gap Hot Cocoa jeans at Goodwill earlier this spring.  They're a 5t, but I've learned that Tillie needs to size up in length for Gap jeans.  With the adjustable waist they fit perfectly.  My mom got her the snowflake TOMS at Nordstrom rack a few weeks ago and they're a perfect match for this outfit!
She's not really unhappy in this picture, the sun was just in her eyes.

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