Friday, November 22, 2013

A Bonus

The bonus to Teddy being small is that he can still wear 18-24m clothes from the baby boy section at Gap.  I found this Le Marais one-piece romper for $3.50.  Seriously, you can't pass up a whole outfit at that price.  His Gap Military Prep cardigan goes with it quite nicely.
Whoops!  Cut off his head today.

Brown is still the color of the month for preschool, so I figured she might as well wear some more today.  I got the Mini-Boden shirt at a consignment sale for $2(?).  The Matilda Jane Greta in Calico skirt was $2 at a garage sale because it has some blue stains on it.  I tried to get them out, but didn't have much luck.  Since there are so many patterns on the skirt they're not as noticeable as they could be.  And well, she's at preschool.  That's where nearly all of Tillie's stains come from, so she might as well wear it there.  Her Osh Kosh brown mary janes are from an end of season sale at Kohl's a while ago.  They're a pair I had bought for last winter, but then her feet stalled in growth for awhile.
She was freezing, so this dorky smile was the best I got.

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