Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I took pictures of them "practicing" their Christmas outfits a couple weeks ago.

Teddy's wearing Old Navy tartan pants I bought last January.  They're a pretty slim fitting 2t, so they actually fit him pretty well compared to his other 2t pants.  His Gap Festive Holiday elbow-patch sweater was purchased with 30% off and GapCash.  The gray polo is also Gap, from Goodwill.

Tillie's wearing a Jason Wu for Target dress my mom bought last January.  She always loved dressing Kizie in red and it's kind of interesting that it looks nice on Tillie as well.  They don't exactly have the same complexion...

Teddy's outfit stayed exactly the same today, but we made a few changes to Tillie's.  Instead of the charcoal sparkle headband and sliver flower we used a green sparkle headband with her brown Dreamspun bow.  We added her crewcuts Aspen cardigan and triple pearl necklace with her bronze sparkle shoes.  Her hair didn't turn out much like I had hoped, but she liked it so that's more important.

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