Monday, December 30, 2013

"I a super-hero!"

Teddy thinks this Hanna Andersson hoodie looks like a super-hero outfit.  I went with it because he really didn't want to change out of his Mater jammies.  I bought it from a facebook group earlier this year.  He's also wearing Old Navy jeans. (Of course they're almost getting too short, but the waist is still HUGE.)  No shoes, since he just stayed home all day.

Tillie apparently didn't get the memo that it's freezing outside and wanted to wear a Gap Playtime Favorites short sleeved dress today.  I insisted on the Hanna Andersson leggings and Gap tank to keep her a little warmer.  It appears she's also ready to skip right on over to Valentine's apparel after packing the Christmas clothes away yesterday.  The hair bow and necklace are from Dreamspun, purchased last week during their end of year sale.

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