Sunday, December 8, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

I had to get Teddy this Gap Poppy sweater when I saw it.  It helped that it was price killed and half off of that, so cheap.  We've finally convinced him that it is a fox and not a Tiger.  His shoes are Livie & Luca and his chinos are crewcuts.

Tillie's wearing a Matilda Jane dress from last year's holiday line.  She wore this often last year.  It's a little short this year, but with a tulle skirt under it I think it still works.  Plus, this year she will allow the sleeves to be long!  I just got the cream tights at Gap.  I had to size up to 4-5 from her 3-4 tights, her legs are too long for those.  Good news she says that these ones aren't itchy but are "super-cozy!"  Two weeks ago when I had her wear tights she said, "Mom, you say tights aren't itchy, but they DO feel itchy."  I told her if she wanted to wear dresses in the winter she had to wear them, so she does.

My camera battery charger is lost and my battery is dead.  I have a new charger coming, but in the meantime I've been using Tim's iPhone.  So, not the awesomest pictures...

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