Monday, January 20, 2014


We went to an outdoor outlet mall a couple hours away today.  I wanted the kids to be warm so they had one less possible thing to complain about.

Teddy's wearing a Gap Holiday Wonderland knight sweater over a Ralph Lauren plaid shirt.  His jeans are Genuine Kids and he's wearing Old Navy boot socks with his red TOMS.  Most of the time he was also wearing his new knit newsboy camp my cousin made, but somehow that didn't make it in the picture.  With that, his blankie and the bunting bag on his stroller seat he was nice and cozy!

I was kind of jealous of Tillie's outfit.  She's wearing a Gap Copper Mountain fleece tunic(5t) with crewcuts jeggings.  She's wearing Gymboree knee highs AND BabyLegs with her dark brown Target Fuggs to stay nice and warm.  (She also wore her Gap Warmest Coat when we weren't loading/unloading from car seats.)

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