Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow Clothes!

I was gone all morning and Tim was gone all afternoon so we let the kids have a pajama day.  Carter's fleece for the win!  Right before dinner they wanted to go out to "help" Tim shovel the driveway and make snow angels.  Since it's around 30* and suppose to be closer to 0* next week, we thought today was a perfect day.

Tillie's wearing a Gap Warmest Coat.  It's a 5t from a garage sale.  For some reason I hate buying winter coats, so I buy them big enough to wear for 2 years.  Her snowpants are hand-me-downs from her cousin Grace.  I think they're Falls Creek/Meijer.  Her Circo boots are size 9 and are the ones she wore last year too, but they actually fit.  Her mittens are Gap from this year and the berry hat is from a craft show last year.

Ted is also wearing a Gap Warmest coat from a few years ago.  It's a 3t I bought on facebook a year ago.  Of course, Ted is still tiny so it's HUGE on him.  Instead of a size too big it's about two sizes too big.  Oh well, when we're going in/out of stores I never have to worry about his hands getting cold because his hands aren't near the end of the sleeve.  His snow pants are Gap down snowpants in 18-24m that I bought when he was 3 months old thinking he could wear them a little big when he was 1.  Ha!  As it turns out, they fit perfectly now so it all worked out.  I bought his Gap boots when I bought the pants.  It's was a good after Christmas sale!  His mittens are Gap as well.  (I, uh, really like Gap outerwear.)

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