Thursday, January 2, 2014


Do you have neutral colors that go with different times of the year?  In my head, it's Brown-September to Thanksgiving, Black-Black Friday to New Years, Navy-January-August.  It also just so happens that navy is my favorite, so there's that.

We went to the Gardens today because we got a membership with some Christmas money.  I'm so excited to start coming here again.  The green just makes me happy.  I'm thinking this will be a long winter so I'll be visiting a lot to keep myself sane!

Tillie's wearing the Next dress she wore for school pictures with navy with kelly green heart crewcuts tights.  Her green necklace is another DreamSpun one we picked up during their sale last week.

I just got Teddy this H&M shirt last week.  I mean really, I couldn't leave a shirt that says, "This little bear lives in the forest." on the rack.  It's layered over an H&M button down from ThredUp(use this link for $10 off your first order!).  His jeans are Cherokee and his boots are Livie and Luca.
Ooh, notice that Ted doesn't have a mullet?  I actually trimmed the back by myself.  It's not perfect, but it will buy us a month until I have to get my hair done again and he can come with me.

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Kim said...

I see a little one in MJ behind Ted! Love the cute shirt from H&M. My nephew needs that! :)