Monday, February 24, 2014

Fire Truck Week!

Teddy would be all about this week's preschool theme.  Tillie doesn't have any police/fire fighter wear, so Ted got to rock his favorite Gap Playtime Favorites shirt today.  We hadn't paired it with red skinny jeans before, so it's kind of a fun option.  He insisted on his gray Star Wars slip-ons for preschool drop-off.  I suspect those shoes will be worn out before we could ever think about passing them down to another kid.

Tillie's wearing a Gymboree Girl Detective knit dress with Gymboree tulle leggings.  I got the dress at a garage sale a year or two ago.  It'd be a little short without leggings, but these pink ones work just fine with it.  Actually, it's a 4t, but oddly seems to run a little small.  Maybe I'll put it in the 3t bucket for little sister.  She wore her pink mary jane TOMS at school.

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