Saturday, February 8, 2014

Red &/or Pink Week!

We love all holidays in this house and Valentine's Day is no exception.  I've got all the kids' outfits hanging in their closets for the rest of the week.  Am I crazy?  Probably, but at least I'm having fun.

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts striped tee that has a sequin heart on the pocket.  Yeah, we're off to a pretty good start for this theme week.  Tillie actually has more outfits that were perfect for this week than she's ever had before.  In the past she's worn a red tee with a jean skirt for one of the days.  Not this week.  I'm even leaving out items she owns that have hearts on them because she has too many.  (Kind of like Red/White & Blue week last summer...)  She's also wearing Gap skinny jeans, pink mary jane TOMS, and a Dreamspun necklace and bow.  I think I would have liked this outfit better with boots, but she picked the shoes.

Teddy actually has three Valentine themed shirts this year(Gotta love thrift stores and garage sales!), but today he's wearing a Naartjie tee over an Old Navy thermal.  His jeans are 77 Kids.


Jodi Minervino said...

Do you ever feel like you have too much time on your hands?

Amber Leugs said...

Haha! Never, actually. Since my kids clothes are basically my hobby I do it for fun. Hanging their clothes in the closet in order took about 15 minutes last night. Now I won't have to lay out their clothes each night before, like I usually do.

Jodi Minervino said...

After I posted that I realized how bratty it sounded...not at all what I was meaning to sound like! I love reading your blog, you put together adorable outfits.