Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Almost Here.

We nearly ran out of time for pictures this morning, so I quickly snapped these before we left for preschool.  Not that most of my pictures are awesome, but these are not great.  You can still see what they're wearing though!

This short-sleeved Mini-Boden shirt hasn't seen much wear lately since it's so cold, but layered with a Janie & Jack cardigan it works.  Teddy loved wearing a "camera shirt!" and kept telling me to say "Cheese!" all day.  His skinny jeans are Gap Naval Academy and his shoes are TOMS.
I know.  He needs a haircut.  In a week or two I'll make an appointment.

Tomorrow Red &/or Pink week begins!  Tillie eases into it today with a Mini-Boden "heart" shirt I got at a garage sale.  It's a 5-6, but I'm pretty sure it was dried in a hot-hot dryer since it's not swimming on her like most MB 5-6s would be.  She's also wearing H&M heart-patch jeans.  I wish H&M would carry these again as these are getting closer to being outgrown.  I think we'll make it though the winter no problem, but I'd love a pair for next fall.  They have a slimmer leg than Mini-Boden pants tend to have -- and the price tag was much more friendly!  She wore her pink mary jane TOMS at school.

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